My Resources as a Beginner

By Steven Fischer | March 10, 2022

recommend the self-directed approach.

companies that offer such a service are many, but to me the ones that really take you to a basic level of fluency are few and far between.

The first course that truly helped me was Pimsleur Spanish.

Pimsleur is listening and speaking. And its courses cover the basics of many languages. I have used Pimsleur for Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. If you do Pimsleur, you will see results!


The one downside to Pimsleur is it is very active and for a more experienced language learner it can be boring because it really dwells on the basics.

That is why I also recommend Assimil. Assimil is more listening and reading, but you can also repeat after the recording to help your speaking.

I have used Assimil for Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and German.

Either of these two courses are great for a beginner.

Good luck 😃