How to use Avid Language Learning

By Steven Fischer | March 28, 2023

Avid Language Learning provides videos from various language-learning channels with their transcripts displayed underneath the video.

word in the video transcript is clickable, taking you to the definition of the word on

There are also other ways to click words:

  • W + Click creates a flashcard of a word or words
    • your cursor from left to right to select multiple words on screen
  • V + Click will take you to the conjugation

You can also easily navigate the video using the arrow keys:

  • Left Arrow takes you back 3 seconds
  • Right Arrow takes you forward 3 seconds

Spacebar pauses and resumes the video.


For flashcards, spacebar starts and stops the video and clicking words take you to their definitions, including V + Click for conjugation verbs.

You can also do an extended replay by clicking the Extended button.

The text box below the video saves whatever you type when you navigate away or click an arrow to look at another flashcard.

Clicking the Video button takes you do the video and that exact point in it.

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